Are you up for the challenge?

Cigarette butts continue to be the most common form of litter on the planet.

Trillions are dropped every single year in our cities, towns, villages and countryside. Wherever you find people you will find cigarette butts. Lots of them.

They are one of the greatest littering problems facing the planet today. That’s why Rubbish Walks launched Blitz The Butt Week.

12 – 18 September 2022

For Blitz The Butt Week 2022 we’re keeping things simple…

Your challenge, should you wish to accept it, is to pick up 2,022 cigarette butts over the week and share a photo on social media using the hashtags #BlitzTheButt and #2022BUTTS. (make sure you tag us in too!)

Want to take the challenge to the next level? Try collecting 2,022 cigarette butts EVERY DAY of Blitz The Butt Week. Don’t forget to share a photo on social media using the hashtags #BlitzTheButt and #2022BUTTS. (make sure you tag us in too!)


SAFETY FIRST – DO NOT pick up cigarette butts (or any other litter) with your bare hands. Always wear gloves and use a litter picker where possible. Make sure you wash your hands and equipment thoroughly before and after use.

How to count your cigarette butts…

Collecting cigarette butts can be a smelly job. Counting them can be even smellier! That’s why we’ve created this simple guide to help you quickly and accurately estimate how many cigarette butts you’ve collected.

Soup / Beans Can

Holds 200 butts

Plastic Bottles

0.5lt holds 375 butts

1lt holds 750 butts

2lt holds 1500 butts

4 pint milk carton holds 1600 butts

Builders Bucket

Holds 9,000 butts

Crisp Packet

Holds 420 butts


Pringles Tube

Holds 700 butts

McDonals's Cup (Reg)

Holds 375 butts

Download the quick guide