We are an award winning small social enterprise based in Suffolk (UK) and work tirelessly raising awareness about the issues of single-use plastics, litter and waste in general.

We’re not about quick fixes, the latest gimmick or trying to get as many likes and shares on social media as we can. We’re about tackling the underlying issues, finding practical solutions and working towards meaningful long term change.

We’re about tackling mental health issues, living a healthier lifestyle, combating loneliness and working WITH people, businesses and government, not against them.


Jason Alexander profile imageJason Alexander (Founder)

Hi. I’m Jason Alexander. Known to many as the Wildlife Gadget Man, I’ve spent the last 15 years designing award winning wildlife camera systems for individuals, schools, conservation organisations and TV as well as sharing my wildlife adventures via my award winning blog wildlifegadgetman.com.

I love nothing better than helping parents and grandparents encourage their kids to get outdoors and be more active. How do I do that? By showing them how to use technology to inspire kids to want to go outdoors and explore.

Back in 2014 I set myself a challenge – to watch and photograph 100 sunrises in a year. I quickly discovered that it was going to be tougher than I thought. Having lots of cloudy days here in the UK you have to get up early for a lot more than 100 sunrises to see the sun 100 times!

But I loved every minute of it. Being out in the fresh air, feeling the warm glow of the early morning sun on my face. Listening to the birds in the trees and watching the start of a brand new day. A day where anything was possible if I put my mind to it. You honestly can’t beat that feeling.

But there was something that increasingly bugged me.

Litter. Lots and lots of litter. Many of us have become blind to it, desensitised over time. But once you notice it and look for it, you see it everywhere.

Single use plastic in all its forms – plastic bottles, straws, fast food cups and wrappers, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, carrier bags. Empty cans of beer or energy drinks. Balloons with ribbons. The list goes on and on.

I started to do regular beach cleans, river cleans and street cleans, litter picking on most of my walks. I shared my experiences via the Wildlife Gadget Man website and social media, hoping to inspire as many people as possible to do the same.

As my awareness of the subject of plastic waste and our impact on the environment has grown so has my passion for trying to do something about it. I decided to create a dedicated website to highlight my efforts and to show how you, your friends, your family and your work colleagues can do the same.  RubbishWalks.co.uk was born.

I find myself increasingly surrounded by some incredibly talented and passionate people who continually inspire me and share my passion for Rubbish Walks and its goals. I’m thrilled to have some of them join me as part of the team…

Jon and Wilma

Hi there I am Jon Alcock QPM and I am a resident of  the lovely old town of Woodbridge, I grew up and went to school here and following careers in both London and Kent, I returned to the town to live in 2002. I recently retired from a frontline public service and have since become committed to putting my efforts into local projects and issues and to celebrating this wonderful corner of Eastern England.

I have always been an outdoor man and have spent much of the last few years climbing mountains, kayaking, gorge scrambling, coasteering and throwing myself into water at any given opportunity. However as middle age and dodgy knees have caught up with me, I am glad now to live in the relatively flat Suffolk landscape and enjoy the rivers, forests and coastal walks we have all around us.

Soon after I retired I began to notice something that I hadn’t before…litter. As I walked around the town’s streets, parks and riverside with my trusty Bulldogs Bunty and now Wilma, I was shocked at just how much there was and worse still how much of it was recyclable. I remember thinking that someone should do something about this, a thought that was quickly followed by another, that being “hang on I am someone”. And so I began to pick up litter every time I went out with the dog and recycle everything I could, this in turn led me to create a Facebook page called Rubbish Walks Woodbridge as I wanted to share what I was doing and perhaps encourage others to follow suit.

I now conduct these walks twice a day and they also take in regular visits to Rendlesham Forest and various Suffolk beaches and litter picking is now something I tend to do wherever I am, indeed I have picked in Cornwall, Kent and on both Snowdon and Ben Nevis in the last two years. However what I did not expect when I started was the unknown bonuses I have gained whilst out litter picking such as seeing both sunrises and sunsets, wonderful displays by starlings coming into roost over reed beds, the silence and whisper of the wind through a pine forest and the sense of peace from being in the moment in a beautiful place.

I am not alone, many others are engaged in similar pursuits and are seeking to improve and champion the places that they live and love and I am extremely fortunate to have met and now be involved with Jason Alexander, he is like so many others with a real passion for life an inspiration and both he and I are looking for people that share that passion and want to inspire others, if that’s you, then get involved and I look forward to meeting you…outside!