The Rubbish Walks team organises and takes part in hundreds of litter picks and beach cleans every year and 9 out of 10 times we find one or more balloons littering our environment.

They pose a huge potential danger to our wildlife and we know this because we’ve found evidence ourselves on more than one occasion.

In an ideal world it might be suggested that all balloons are banned but we don’t live in an ideal world.

Here at Rubbish Walks we’re more interested in being realistic and effective rather than idealistic and 100% perfect.

That’s why we’ve launched the #BigBalloonPledge aimed at schools, charities, groups and businesses.

If you are a school, charity, group or business who wants to show your support and commitment to protecting the environment then please join us and make the pledge.



Pledge to NEVER organise or take part in any mass balloon releases.

Pledge to never use any branded or unbranded balloon giveaways as part of any promotional or celebration activities.

It doesn’t cost a penny to make the pledge and the potential positive publicity of taking part will far out way the ongoing negative publicity of photos and videos of your balloons littering the environment.

Please make your pledge below and we’ll be in touch soon to thank you and explore ways we can collaborate to encourage others to take part too. We will also share your fab support across social media.


Today we join Rubbish Walks and make our own #BigBalloonPledge to show our commitment to the environment and our local community.

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