Scruff The Plastic Dragon lives by the sea, surrounded by a plastic mess left by humanity.

Well, he used to live by the sea but he’s now spending more time at the Vintage Litter Museum.

We built the original ‘Scruff The Plastic Dragon’ back in 2018 for the Woodbridge Beowolf Festival. He was HUGE – 20ft long, 15ft wide and we needed a flatbed truck to move him around.

Inspiration came from the giant whale made of plastic bottles for the Sky Ocean Rescue campaign. The whale sculpture (called Plasticus) went on a national tour and was hugely successful in raising awareness about the important issue of plastic pollution. We wanted to do something similar but rather than make our sculpture out of items that can be easily recycled we wanted to use plastic items that CANNOT be easily recycled. An important issue to highlight.

We didn’t have the resources to take Scruff on a national tour but he was extremely successful in raising awareness across East Anglia appearing on regional TV news and on the front page of the East Anglian Daily Times.

Unfortunately we didn’t have the space to keep the original Scruff The Plastic Dragon. Rumour has it that he now lives at the local Energy From Waste site and uses his dragon breath to incinerate Suffolk’s waste to create energy.

We’ve got big plans for Scruff The Plastic Dragon 2.0 (and friends) in 2024. We’ve even used AI to help us visualise what we hope to create over the coming months at the museum.

Scruff and friends will be popping up regularly at our litterArt Club, our Rubbish Games Club and other locations so follow us on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest updates.



Here’s the original Scruff’s story in photos. We’ve got big plans for Scruff The Plastic Dragon 2.0 (and friends) in 2024 and will add photo updates here.


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