We are thrilled to partner with the founder of Plastic Fishmerman Rodrigo Butori to bring Plastic Fisherman to the UK.

For the past two years, #plasticfishing has grown into a global movement. With that, Plastic Fisherman has established a presence in Germany, Brazil, Japan, Spain, Uruguay, Mauritius Island and now the UK. Their mission is simple… to educate as many people as possible and turn them into plastic fishermen and women themselves.’ 

Rodrigo explains why he started Plastic Fisherman… ‘Every year, around 8 million tons of plastic find their way into our seas. This has a major impact on the marine ecosystem and, by consequence, it also impacts our health, economy, and way of life.

I started Plastic Fisherman to bring awareness to this threat, educate people about its implications, and invite action. But instead of the usual doom-and-gloom approach, I chose a positive and creative path by turning the plastic trash I collected at my local beach into little fish and inviting others on Instagram to do the same in what I named ‘plastic fishing‘.

Let’s go #plasticfishing because…


Find out more about the global Plastic Fisherman movement by visiting