What Is The Enchanted Tree Trail?

The Rushmere St Andrew Enchanted Tree Trail is a 2.5km (approx. 40mins to complete) circular woodland walk that passes through parts of Rushmere Common and Mill Stream Nature Reserve. It starts and finishes at the Enchanted Playground beside Tower Hall on Broadlands Way.

The route is marked by 24 posts/stumps with arrows pointing you in the right direction (TOP TIP – If in doubt… keep going straight ahead!). 14 of the posts/stumps also have one of 14 woodland creatures prominently displayed. If you stand beside a woodland friend post and look around carefully you may be able to spot 1 of 14 ‘Tree Guardian’ faces looking down at you from one of the trees above.

There are also 14 ‘Enchanted Doors‘ hidden around the trail too. Three of the Enchanted Doors belong to Morris, Mabel and Meryl – the trail ‘Dog Poo Fairies‘!

We have also designated one very special tree as the official ‘WISHING TREE’!


Why Did We Create It?

We wanted to create a legacy project for the local community that lasts for generations and becomes an integral part of the fabric of Rushmere St Andrew. Imagine children walking the trail today taking their children and grandchildren on the walk in years to come.

But the trail is much more than that…

It will hopefully encourage individuals and friends and families to get out in the fresh air, exercise and explore some of the wonderful green spaces we have in the parish.

It will be a useful tool to help raise awareness about a variety of issues including environmental, physical and mental health.

And will be an ever evolving fun and inspirational resource for the whole community.


Plans for the future…

Search the Enchanted Tree Trail website and you’ll find lots of information about the trail, the Enchanted Playground, the Tree Guardians, the Woodland Friends, the Dog Poo Fairies, the Enchanted Doors and the Wishing Tree. You’ll also find a number of Quests you can undertake.

As you read you’ll learn about the different characters, their personalities and their special powers or skills. We’ve deliberately left some of the details vague at this stage as this gives us the opportunity to flesh out the stories and the folklore over the coming months and years.

We’ll be adding stories about the different characters, various activities and ‘How To Guides’, running regular competitions and events and encouraging ideas and stories from members of the public. This is just the beginning!


Meet The Team

Jason Alexander

Founder of Rubbish Walks CIC.

Peter Massey

Rushmere St Andrew Parish Clerk.

Sylvia Stannard

Rushmere St Andrew Assistant Parish Clerk.

The Enchanted Tree Trail is a collaboration between Rubbish Walks CIC and Rushmere St Andrew Parish Council.