Join the Tidy Teams movement and help us tackle the issue of littering in our local communities once and for all.

Building a strong anti-litter culture within our communities is a tough challenge particularly when trying to connect with certain demographics.

One of the key contributing factors to the littering crisis is the attitude that ‘It’s not my responsibility’, ‘It’s not my job’ or ‘I’m creating a job for someone else’.

Your club has an opportunity to help change that.

Football clubs (at all levels of the game) are in a unique position to lead by example and instil positive behavioural changes in their players, supporters and wider local community with regards to littering and personal responsibility.

That’s why we’ve created TIDY TEAMS.

Tidy Teams is the perfect vehicle to facilitate this process and we have some exciting plans for the future including Tidy Teams leagues, ambassador programme and an annual awards event to celebrate successes, but we can only make this happen if we can find forward thinking clubs to embrace the idea and work with us.

The positive impact Tidy Teams could have on personal growth, community cohesion and the local environment makes it a win-win for all, not to mention the incredible PR opportunities for any club involved.

It should be noted that the Tidy Teams movement is not a box ticking exercise or a one-off gesture. Tidy Teams requires a sustained commitment by clubs to instil long-term cultural change in attitudes towards litter both in your club and beyond, but don’t worry, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.

We provide full details of how to tackle every part of the Tidy Teams 6 point pledge, training workshops, potential new revenue streams for your club, access to equipment and additional resources if required.


If you care about your supporters… if you care about your local community… and if you care about the planet… why WOULDN’T you get involved?!


Complete the form below to find out more about the Tidy Teams 6 point pledge and how your club can become a champion of the Tidy Teams movement.

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