Designed and manufactured in the UK. Robust and lightweight with an adjustable jaw.

Compact, convenient, and highly portable, the Safe Pick Sharps Pouch is the most efficient way to equip the user with all that they need for whatever day to day needles or bio hazards they encounter.

The pack contains:

  • 1 pair of disposable nitrile gloves for added protection
  • Stainless steel forceps for controlled removal especially when the item is embedded in a surface
  • A 0.1 litre Sharps Bin that acts as a needle isolation cylinder, especially in case of an injury as the bin has a snap-shut mechanism so the needle can safely be taken to the hospital to be analysed as quickly as possible
  • A clinical waste bag for those nasties that you come across
  • One pack of disinfectant wipes
  • Folding Safe Pick Pro extends out to 54cm (21”)

The Safe Pick pouch is replenishable, so is always ready to go: no need to buy a new kit each time.

A Bio hazard bin is also available and is ideal to store and isolate sharps for front line staff handling potentially hazardous situations quickly and safely.


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