Today we are thrilled to launch our ‘Clean Places And Warm Spaces’ winter campaign across Suffolk.

With the cost of living skyrocketing many of us are wondering how we are going to afford to keep warm this winter.

It’s going to be tough, really tough so it’s essential that we pull together to support each other and ensure no one in our neighbourhoods are left without a regular place they can visit to be warm and maybe grab a hot drink.

Suffolk communities are working tirelessly across the county to offer a network of these ‘Warm Spaces’. There are currently over 240 in place with more being added every day. (Check out the full list here

How amazing is that?!

We wanted to find a way to support this growing network and add our own unique Rubbish Walks twist to the mix – that’s where the idea for ‘Clean Places And Warm Spaces’ comes in.

To start the ball rolling we’ve teamed up with Suffolk Libraries UK to host our first 12 events. Each event will begin with a litter pick followed by a visit to the library ‘warm space’ and presentation of 2 copies of a wonderful book called ‘The Adventures Of Scout’ (kindly donated by  to the library. There will also be plenty of time to relax, have a natter and a free cuppa where available. We’re also hoping to leave each participating library with litter picking equipment for ongoing public use.

These events are a perfect opportunity to showcase some of our amazing Suffolk ‘warm spaces’, inspire Suffolk residents to ‘keep active to keep warm’ and to help keep our communities litter free.

Moving forward our goal is to encourage regular ‘Clean Places And Warm Spaces’ events across the entire Suffolk Warm Spaces network.

How amazing would that be?!

And with your help we can make it happen.

Check out the locations, dates and times across social media and join us if you can. We’ll be sharing lots of updates over the coming days so make sure to follow and like to keep up to date.

Litter picking gear will be provided but please bring your own if you have it.